4 September 2016

Modern Marvel - Canon Eos 30e @ Car Show

Friday September 2nd, 2005

Just to stay in tune, and so that I wouldn't forget how it worked and which end to look through, I took my Eos 30e with the walk-a-bout 28-105 f3.5/4.5 II along to the recent classic American car show at Knebworth House. 

I loaded a roll of Kodak HD200 and fitted the polarising filter, with metering set to evaluative. Then I set out to fool it big time - lots of bright reflections, lots of sky, lots of contrast, the works. I didn't believe what I was reading along the bottom of the viewfinder on most shots, and was sorely tempted to intervene, but through sheer will power, I let it alone to do it's thing. 

Using "classics" at every opportunity, I think we forget how far camera technology has come, and I am always astonished when I see the results from my 30e. This time was no exception - looking at the negs, the exposures could hardly be better. Here are some of the shots taken from low res scans that came from the Frontier machine. I can't wait to scan some of them on my Scan Elite 5400 and print to 16 x 20. I know I'll have to wait for winter before I have the time.

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