26 December 2021

Covid Vaccination

We won't be safe until we are all safe......

So said the chief of the World Health Organisation.  

Another lockdown.  Another year wasted.  More covid statistics showing that the majority of hospitalised covid patients are those that are not vaccinated.  when our health service, the NHS, is under extreme pressure and clinical staff are working insane hours under appalling pressure, these nay-sayers are consuming resources that could be more deservedly used on the vulnerable and elderly.  WTF!!

I have read reams of reportage on the vaccination naysayers and their stupid beliefs as a result of which they refuse to get vaccinated.  Such as:

1) Being made to get the vaccine inoculation is against your human rights and is a breach of your civil freedoms,

2) The vaccine will have a negative effect on your fertility and your ability to have children,

3) The vaccine will make you vaccine dependant and you will therefore have to have a dose every year or you will die.  This will allow Big Brother to know your whereabouts forever,

4) The vaccine has not yet been proved to be safe and may have long term side effects,

5) The vaccine is not necessary because the seriousness of infection is not proven to be serious.

6)The vaccine contains microscopic nano-chips that will allow Big Brother to monitor your every thought and movement,

And on and on……..

The one that really gets me is No.1 above - it is a breach of my civil rights!  Tell me, would you agree to allow someone to walk around in public spraying  deadly disease from a spray bottle, such as Anthrax?  If someone who was infected with Ebola, would you agree that they be allowed to walk around your local shopping centre if they wished to do so? Why not?    Because preventing them from doing so by criminalising their actions is a breach of their civil liberties?    Because you may become infected and it may kill you? Well listen up!  If you are carrying the Corona Virus I don’t want you walking around  my shopping centre where you may infect me!  In fact, if the government passed a law making it mandatory for you to get vaccinated and forbidding you to appear in any public place unless and until you have been vaccinated, that law would have my full support.  By passing me in the supermarket or in the street or in church where I may inhale your virus-laden breath puts my life in mortal danger, just the same as if you were walking around spraying bullets from a gun!   Wake up and get real!  Get vaccinated!  Now!  Once all of you idiots are vaccinated we may start on the road to normality.


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